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Greg Caruso - Expert Speaker on Business Succession Advice

Gregory R. Caruso, Esquire, CPA, CVA

Principal, CI Harvest Associates
Expert, Author & Speaker on
Business Valuation Business Brokerage Succession Planning

Expert Speaker on Business Succession
  • “Thanks for your interesting, timely, and relevant presentation to the APCPA. You kept our audience engaged and involved as you explained how to prepare both our clients businesses and our practices for eventual sale. This was not an academic exercise but a real world experience brought out through relatable first hand stories.

    The ability to take audience questions and directly and clearly answer them allowed our members to really get the importance of succession and exit planning to their businesses and their lives. You are a master of your subject. Our group overwhelmingly recommended having you back in the future.”

    Charles N. Wight
    Association for Practicing CPA’s

  • “With baby boomers reaching their 60s, the importance of succession and exit planning grows. Yet, most business owners and their advisors ignore or turn a “blind eye” to this unavoidable reality. Your presentation clearly explained what is at stake and how to meaningfully and positively impact both the bottom line and the less quantifiable.

    The clear examples, startling facts and true life stories kept us interested and engaged. This would be a great presentation for both business owners and their professional advisors.”

    David De Jong

  • “Selling your business can be a very stressful and emotional experience. Your presentation demonstrated the importance of proper planning and showed a clear timeline for owners to follow in order to gain maximum advantage from what is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many business owners.

    I was able to gain new insights that I hope to apply both to my personal practice and share with my business owner clients.”

    Kalen D. Baxter, CFP®






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